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The Environmental Translation Project was initiated by John Lewis in the autumn of 2009.  As President of Intelligent Futures, John is focused on helping communities, organizations and individuals understand how to think and act in more sustainable ways. Throughout his career, he has established connections with a number of sustainability networks such as LEAD International, The Global Environmental Governance Project and the PLUS Network and has recently participated in international events in Mexico, Switzerland, China and South Africa. 

What has become increasingly apparent to me through my work and collaboration with people from all corners of the world is that the communication of environmental issues hasn’t been as effective as it should be.  Those individuals and organizations that are typically concerned about the environment often articulate the issues on their terms, without consideration of where their audiences are starting from.  That’s a problem, because over time, our understanding of our cities, our food, our manufacturing and consumption of things and many other parts of our lives have been disconnected from the environment.  What the Environmental Translation Project attempts to do is to understand the environment through the lens of various industries, sectors and issues.  By breaking down these barriers, more people can find the common ground that actually exists between us all.

I have been fortunate enough to develop relationships with articulate and committed individuals from around the world.  Many of these people are part of the Translation Team that helped build this Project.  This remarkable group represents a diverse range of backgrounds, knowledge and experience but their commitment to improving our common resources binds them together.  Their contributions have been invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without them.

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to discuss the Environmental Translation Project further, you can contribute to our ETP Community Page or you can find my contact information here.

- John Lewis, April 2010


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