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The Environmental Translation Project is based on the understanding that our environment is connected to every aspect of our world.  The trouble is that most of the time, we don’t see these connections.  We have created a world where we are disconnected from both our impacts on the environment and how we depend on it - from the very basics of life to our most sophisticated systems.  Whether providing air for us to breathe, raw materials for us to manufacture and consume, or impacting human rights and governance, the environment is linked to every part of our world.

That is why we created the Environmental Translation Project.

We have brought together a Translation Team of experts from around the globe to show how we are connected to the environment.  We will look at the environment from the perspectives of multiple sectors, issues and industries - what we are calling “Translation Areas”.  In each Translation Area, you’ll find:

  1. A brief article.   Using plain language, these articles provide a clear and concise understanding of the connections between that area and the environment.

  2. Stats + Figures.  Key snapshots of information to further understand these areas.

  3. Resources.  Important sources to further understand the connections between that area and the environment.

Throughout the translations, you’ll notice links to other areas within the project, demonstrating how interconnected all these issues are. 

The translation areas you see below are just a beginning.  Over time, we will build more areas into the ETP.  Have an idea about a new translation area or a great resource or story to share about one of the areas below?  Let us know on the ETP Community page.  The more voices that join the discussion, the better.








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