The Translation Team

John Lewis

President, Intelligent Futures

Environmental Translation Project Founder and Coordinator

Calgary, Canada

Translator: Consumption + The Environment

John is the President and Founder of Intelligent Futures - a firm committed to creating lasting sustainability solutions that have strategic value within their client’s culture. In recent years, he has earned a reputation as a leader in the emerging field of sustainability planning and innovative community engagement.  John has been involved in a number of award-winning sustainability planning initiatives, including imagineCALGARY, the Cochrane Sustainability Plan and is currently working on a climate change adaptation plan for the city of Iqaluit in Canada's arctic.  As a result of his in-depth experience with sustainability plans, John has been approached to advise a number of communities undertaking sustainability and engagement initiatives around North America and abroad.   John has instructed at professional development courses on sustainability, is an instructor in the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Urban Studies Program at the University of Calgary, is on the Board of Directors for LEAD Canada and is a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

The ETP’s Translation Team represents a vast diversity of experience, knowledge and geography.  Working in a variety of sectors in many parts of the world, the Team contributed their time and energy to creating a resource that builds the knowledge base on how the environment is connected to so many parts of our world.  The map below demonstrates where the contributions came from and you can find out more about each of the Translators below. 

David Fortin

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Montana State University

Bozeman, USA

Translator: Architecture + The Environment

David Fortin is a registered architect in the province of Alberta in Canada. He is a L.E.E.D. accredited professional and teaches architectural history and design at Montana State University. He is currently working with students and colleagues in Kenya towards housing prototypes that respond to the current housing crisis in Nairobi. His research further addresses the notion of home as it relates to the proliferating global slum condition. He earned a PhD in architecture from the University of Edinburgh in architectural theory and has a book forthcoming on architecture, home, and science-fiction film.

Jane McRae

Sustainable Cities Program Director - PLUS Network, International Centre for Sustainable Cities

Vancouver, Canada

Translator: Cities + The Environment

Jane McRae is the Sustainable Cities Program Director for the PLUS Network - an international peer learning network of cities engaged in sharing their expertise on long–term urban sustainability. Jane’s current international development work with local governments and their key stakeholders is enhanced by a cross-sectoral career background.

She has worked in the sustainable development field for over 16 years, starting with her role as an environmental educator for 10 years in the academic sector, a sustainability analyst with the energy industry for two years, and from 2000 - 2003, working on urban sustainability issues through her role as the citiesPLUS Project Manager.  citiesPLUS was Canada's winning entry in the World Gas Conference’s sustainable urban design competition that involved teams from eight countries. It was the success of this project that led to the launch of the Sustainable Cities: PLUS Network, now in its sixth year of operation.  She has been with Sustainable Cities since the inception of the Network, playing a key role in designing and implementing the Program.

In addition to managing the PLUS Network, Jane has had extensive hands-on experience working on projects with African and Latin American cities, connecting talents that complement each other in order to make things happen. She has built a foundation of relationships that testify to her deep commitment to international collaboration for a more sustainable world.

Douglas Worts

Culture and Sustainability Specialist, WorldViews Consulting

Toronto, Canada

Translator: Culture + The Environment

Douglas Worts is a culture & sustainability specialist, working with WorldViews Consulting, a Canadian consulting firm.

For almost 30 years, he worked in museums – primarily in experimental exhibit design, education programming and audience research, where he explored the potential of museum collections to stimulate visitor creativity and ‘meaning-making’.  He has spoken and published widely in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on a range of museum-based topics.  In 1997, Douglas was invited to join Leadership for Environment and Development, LEAD International, which is a global, cross-disciplinary network of over 2200 professionals from 80 countries, who have been trained in and promote local/global sustainability.  Douglas’ particular focus revolves around the belief that, regardless of technological innovation, new economic policy and governance frameworks, human beings will only achieve a sustainable future if there are foundational cultural shifts.

Of particular interest to the ‘museum world’, are the following accomplishments:

  1. founding member of the Visitor Studies Association

  2. university professor teaching Museum Education in the Master of Museum Studies, University of Toronto, from 1992 to 1997

  3. assessor in the Association of Museum’s Museum Assessment Program (MAP III – Public Dimension), 1992 to present

  4. recipient of ‘Senior Research Fellowship’ from the Canadian Museums Association, 1999.

Additional information about Douglas can be found on his personal website.

Anton de Wit

Lecturer in Environmental Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Translator: Development + The Environment

Anton de Wit is an environmental management lecturer in the Department of Geo-sciences at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He also spends his professional time as a research and sustainability consultant in a variety of fields including environmental management systems, urban planning, and sustainability training and capacity building. He is furthermore involved in environmental advocacy having developed a series of popular lectures on climate change which are presented to diverse audiences on an ongoing basis.

Anton is an associate of the UK based Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and LEAD fellow. 

Anton’s university education includes Masters Degrees in Geography as well as Environmental Management and he holds a Doctorate in Geography from the University of Port Elizabeth.

Jesse Row

Director, Sustainable Communities Group, Pembina Institute

Calgary, Canada

Translator: Energy + The Environment

Jesse is the Director of the Pembina Institute's Sustainable Communities Group. Jesse works directly with communities in exploring opportunities for sustainable community planning, implementation of smart growth concepts and the development of sustainable energy systems. He has also works with companies and various orders of government to explore opportunities for promoting and adopting sustainable energy technologies and practices, including the integration of the triple-bottom-line principles into decision-making. Jesse draws on his experience to advocate for policies in support of sustainable development. Jesse holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta and is a registered professional engineer in the province of Alberta.

Adam Ognall

Deputy Chief Executive, UKSIF - The Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

London, UK

Translator: Finance + The Environment

Adam Ognall is deputy chief executive of UKSIF – the sustainable investment and finance association. UKSIF’s aim is to ensure that the UK finance sector is the world leader in advancing sustainable development through financial services. It provides services and opportunities for its member organisations to work together to align investment profitability with social and environmental responsibility.  Before joining UKSIF, Adam worked in the not-for-profit and public sectors.

Adam is Chair of Trustees of Restore Community Projects, a charity which recycles and reuses domestic furniture and appliances for the benefit of people in need. He is also a LEAD Fellow and a Fellow of the RSA.

Hugh Maynard

Consulting Specialist & Owner, Qu’anglo Communications & Consulting

Ormstown, Canada

Translator: Food + The Environment

Hugh is a consulting specialist and owner of Qu‚anglo Communications & Consulting, an enterprise formed in 2004 with a focus on communications, strategic planning and development initiatives for the agricultural and agri-environmental sectors, and for rural communities.


A graduate in farm management from Macdonald College, McGill University, he previously worked as Executive Director of the Quebec Farmers‚ Association and is an award-winning agricultural communicator with over 20 years experience including presenting weekly on the “Farm Panel” for CBC-Montreal's Radio Noon program. Hugh is also Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Farm Writer's Federation (CFWF) and International Director for the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) in agricultural, natural resource and human and life sciences.


In a community context, Hugh is Vice-president of the Quebec Association for Adult Learning, and has served as a representative of numerous community organizations including school boards and a career education centre.


In April 1999 he became a Fellow of LEAD Canada (Leadership in Environment and Development), following completion of a two-year professional development program. He also represented Canada as part of a 5-country delegation from LEAD International at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development session on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in April 2000. In 2008 he became an associate trainer with LEAD International, as well as with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as part of LEAD Canada’s professional development programming.


In the course of his professional activities Hugh has traveled extensively across Canada and the U.S., as well as to Costa Rica, Mexico, UK, Russia, Ukraine, China and West Africa.

Maria Ivanova

Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Policy, The College of William & Mary

Washington, USA

Translator: Governance + The Environment

Dr. Maria Ivanova is a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. She is also Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Policy at the College of William and Mary and the Director of the Global Environmental Governance Project at the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. Dr. Ivanova is an international relations and environmental policy scholar with a focus on governance, international organizations, climate change, US foreign environmental policy, UN reform, and sustainability. Her career has bridged the academic and policy worlds. Her academic work analyzes the history and performance of the international environmental architecture and the evolution of US international environmental policy. In June 2009, Dr. Ivanova convened the “Global Environmental Governance Forum: Reflecting on the Past, Moving into the Future” gathering eighty environmental leaders from around the world, including all five successive Executive Directors of the UN Environment Programme. She has published books, articles and chapters on governance, globalization, and the environment and produced three documentaries on global environmental governance “Quest for Symphony,” “Quest for Leadership,” and “Way Ahead not Closed.”

A Bulgarian national, Dr. Ivanova holds a PhD (with distinction) and two master’s degrees from Yale University and a bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) from Mount Holyoke College. She has worked at the Environment Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris and at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in Stockholm. She serves on the Board of the Ecologic Institute in Berlin and on the Yale Sustainability Advisory Committee. In 2007, she was named Professor of the Year by student society Members XIII at the College of William and Mary. In 2010, she received the prestigious Mary Lyon award for sustained achievement and promise from Mount Holyoke College.

Mark Gold

President, Heal The Bay

Los Angeles, USA

Translator: Health + The Environment

Mark is President of the environmental group Heal The Bay and was Executive Director from 1994 to 2006.  Heal the Bay is an environmental group dedicated to making Southern California coastal waters and watersheds, including Santa Monica Bay, safe, healthy and clean.  Mark received his Bachelors and Masters in Biology and his doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering from UCLA. 

Mark has worked extensively over the last 20 years in the field of coastal protection and water pollution. In particular he has worked on research projects on urban runoff pollution, DDT and PCB contamination in fish, and the health risks of swimming at runoff contaminated beaches.  He created Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card, and has authored or co-authored numerous California coastal protection, water quality and environmental education bills.  He served on the USEPA Urban Stormwater Federal Advisory Committee and was vice chair of the California Ocean Science Trust.  Currently, Mark is a vice chair of the National Estuary Program’s Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.  In addition, Mark has chaired the Santa Monica Environmental Task Force for 18 years.  He sits on numerous other environmental and water quality boards and task forces.

Bibhudutta Sahu

Program Facilitator, Synodical Board of Social Services

Pune, India

Translator: Human Rights + The Environment

Bibhudutta Sahu has been working as Program Facilitator for the Synodical Board of Social Services, the justice and development wing of the Church of North India for the past 10 years. He has been working actively for the empowerment of socially excluded communities towards realizing their rights and entitlements. He is currently residing in Pune, Maharashtra, India and will be joining the Odisha Advocacy Desk, Orissa. He has been engaged in promoting people’s organizations, addressing issues of climate change and motivating children to become agents to restore the ‘beauty of creation’.  He has completed his B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from Mumbai University and is a LEAD Fellow.

Caroline Rennie

Managing Partner, ren-new

La Conversion, Switzerland

Translator: Manufacturing + The Environment

Caroline Rennie has worked in the Environmental domain for 25 years with companies, government and NGOs in the US and Europe. She served as Environmental Affairs Director for Schmalbach-Lubeca PET (formerly Continental Can, and, at the time the largest manufacturer of PET preforms

in the world) as well as Tetra Pak UK.  Caroline was the lead author on Salvaging the Future, a study exploring the economic value inherent to a city that mined its waste streams for material, published by the Institute for Local Self Reliance.  She runs ren-new, a consultancy dedicated to finding profitable ways for companies to become sustainable.

Kassem El-Saddik

Vice President, Development Without Borders


Translator: Population + The Environment

Kassem is the Vice President of Development Without Borders, a Lebanon-based NGO committed to mainstream sustainability and promote community engagement in sustainable development initiatives. Kassem has proved his professional capabilities in strategic management and policy development with particular focus on Environment, public Health and Safety. He has been approached by the Government Policy and Performance Management Team to co-manage the environment, safety and health portfolios within Dubai Strategic Plan. He developed sector strategic framework, blueprints and contributed to sector strategy Maps using the balance scorecards methodology.

Kassem has provided services to a major construction firm in the MENA region, advising on its HSE procedures. He finalized the environment Impact Assessment manual, and drafted the HSE training manual and modules covering all scope of construction projects.

Throughout the years, he has maintained his close links with the civil society movement in Lebanon, and supported many volunteer initiatives. Earlier, he coordinated the national efforts to promote volunteering and youth engagement in Lebanon around the international Year of Volunteers in 2001 and 2002. His efforts were culminated by the successful establishment of the National Committee through UNDP support.

As a "Sustainability" professional, Kassem seeks to mainstream environmental protection, people's health and community wellbeing when advising, planning, managing and executing.  His research interests are (a) mainstreaming environment into policies in GCC and (b) the role of MENA environmental NGOs in shaping policies at the national and regional levels.

Jason Morris-Jung

Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, University of California-Berkeley

Hanoi, Vietnam

Translator: Justice + The Environment

Jason Morris-Jung is a PhD candidate in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management at the University of California – Berkeley.

Jason is a PhD candidate in the Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California, Berkeley.  He is currently conducting research on environmental movements and public participation in debates on environmental issues in Vietnam. With a previous degree in Social Work, Jason is committed to forging a popular environmentalism based on principles of equality and justice and understanding better the possibilities that environmentalism can bring to deepening democracy.  He is also a Trudeau Foundation Scholar and Doctoral Fellow of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.  Jason has published on the links between poverty and environment and the blurred boundaries of voluntary resettlement from protected areas.

Wiwien T. Wiyonoputri

Co-founder of Jagaddhita; Associate Researcher planner and trainer at the Center for Tourism Planning and Development – Institut Teknologi Bandung

Bandung, Indonesia

Translator: Tourism + The Environment

Wiwien T. Wiyonoputri is an associate researcher, planner and trainer at the Center for Tourism Planning and Development – Institut Teknologi Bandung and co-founder of Jagaddhita, a small tourism consultancy company. She once worked for RARE, a US-based NGO,  to assist them implement their Tourism and Public Use Planning Program which tried to link biodiversity and tourism in two World Heritage sites in Indonesia and Indecon (Indonesia Ecotourism Network), a Jakarta-based NGO- to assist UNWTO Consulting Unit carrying out their program on Tourism Development supporting Biodiversity Conservation in Pangandaran, Indonesia.  

Apart of that, she performs a consulting editor task on ecotourism and community-based tourism issues for ASEAN Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, an ASEAN Countries initiated journal published by the center.  She serves the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication  as member for period 2009-2012 and also an international member of the National Association for Interpretation based in the USA. 

She is a LEAD Fellow, holds a bachelor’s degree in regional and city planning and master’s degree in development study focused on tourism.  

Salvador Herrera

Deputy Director, Centre for Sustainable Transport - Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Translator: Transportation + The Environment

Salvador Herrera is Deputy Director of the Center for Sustainable Transport Mexico (CTS-México). He has over 8 years of experience, working in urban development and city planning in various cities in Mexico, the United States and Spain. He has served as the Director of Chihuahua´s Planning Agency. Mr. Herrera holds a master´s degree in landscape architecture from the Universidad Iberoamericana León and a planners license from Aguascalientes State University. He has also specialized in public administration on urban development and city management at the Ecole National d´Administration (ENA) at Paris. Originally from Queretaro, he now lives in Mexico City.

Keara Hlewka

Principal, Pixel Lane Graphics

Whitehorse, Canada

Graphic Designer, Environmental Translation Project

Keara Hlewka is an emerging graphic designer based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Building on her fine arts degree in New Media, she gained 7 years of experience in graphic design, new media and print media before starting her own freelance graphic design company. As the proprietor of Pixel Lane Graphics Inc. she has completed projects ranging from corporate visual identity initiatives to personal wedding invitations. Keara’s energy and creativity combine to bring a fresh approach to any graphic design project or creative team.

Jackie Brown

Principal, verbMedia

Calgary, Canada

Communications Advisor, Environmental Translation Project

Jackie has spent more than 20 years working as a communications specialist and writer. Her work has appeared in magazines, publications, books, websites and promotional materials across the country, and she has worked extensively as a communications strategist in several leading corporations.

An interest in sustainability planning led to Jackie’s role as a communications specialist with imagineCALGARY (since 2007) and most recently with the Cochrane Sustainability Plan. Her experience with long-term sustainability planning includes a focus on communications planning and strategies, website development, community engagement and the implementation of a variety of communications initiatives.

Jackie has been honoured with awards from the International Association of Business Communicators (both National and International) and the National Health Care Public Relations Association, among others.